It was the CSIS/RCMP Report ‘titled’ Sidewinder that sounded the first alarm bells that China is one of the greatest ongoing threats to Canada’s national security and Canadian industry. Sidewinder was a controversial report put together by a small but hard-working team of RCMP and CSIS (Canadian Security & Intelligence Service) officials and as with all other warnings of treason and infiltration, was quashed by the then Prime Minister Jean Chretien.

Operation Sidewinder: The Chinese Invasion of Canada! FOR DETAILS OF WHAT SIDEWINDER EXPOSED PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO REVIEW THE LINKS, VIDEOS AND INFORMATION PROVIDED BY THE CIVILIAN INTELLIGENCE NETWORK, by clicking here.  If that webpage is censored, click here for a copy People-United saved. For a summarizing video of the Sidewinder Project findings, click here.

The following is a summary of the Sidewinder Report findings: No One Listened! China has already invaded! 
RCMP-CSIS investigated links between PM Chretien, Desmarais & influence on Canadian politicians. They warned Canadians about the Chinese Communist takeover of Canada! Do you know the stages of communist take-overs?  If not, click here.
Justin Trudeau has spent billions in infrastructure to build Vancouver port, road, rail & border linking Western Canada to China!Richmond, BC is already over 50% Chinese!Canadian universities are also almost 50% foreign students!
Operation Sidewinder links the Chinese Communist Government & Chinese Military Intelligence to Canadian Corporations; Power Corporation Trudeau, Chretien (link), & Desmarais all implicated!
Many Conservative Party Leaders have also pushed the Desmarais-Chinese Communist Party Line!  Mulroney, Harper, MacKay, Bernier are all Desmarais Boys!
CPC Erin O’Toole was a lawyer with Stikeman Elliot that represented Li Ka Shing director of Beijing CITIC of China investigated by Project Sidewinder for drug smuggling, espionage, money laundering, and influencing Politicians.
Lest you think that Maxime Bernier is an angel and not a conspirator in the demise of Canada, scroll down ¼ way here

China set up a massive crime web (link) in Canada.
CITIC Group is owned by People’s Republic of ChinaDesmarais is board member on CITIC in China! CITIC & Desmarais Power Corporation are also founding members of the Canada-China Business Council!

Over 200 Canadian businesses are listed in “Project Sidewinder” operating in Canada, all secretly controlled by the Chinese Government!Thousands of Chinese Intelligence Agents are based in Canada!

Chinese nationals spent billions buying Canadian property (link), increasing prices & making ownership impossible for Canadians!Politicians like ”Mai Jialian” (John MacCallum in China) Offer Visas & Citizenship to 30 million Chinese!
Richard T. Lee served 16 years as MLA for Burnaby BC where he promoted & facilitated trade & intergovernmental exchange between Canada & China!  He was Trudeau’s choice for Burnaby South! What are his connections with the Vancouver Port Authority?Richard T. Lee alias”Li Canming” was appointed Parliamentary Secretary to Asia-Pacific Initiative with trade offices in China API managed by Kevin Tsui China’s director for “Canada China Business Council” API also part of China’s Belt & Road Initiative! Here is the History of The Asia-Pacific Initiative…. funded by both the Liberals & Conservatives!

The amount of assistance that the current Canadian government is giving the Communist Chinese Party in establishing a base in Canada from which to attack not only Canadians, but our US allies, is breathtaking and very frightening.
All Parties are Corrupt! (link) All are in League with China & the United Nations!Prime Minister Chretien & the RCMP covered up the investigations!In a leaked 2009 document (link) Counsel Brad Kempo writes a scathing rebuke of the treasonous behavior of long-time cabinet Minister Lloyd Axworthy and writes in his demand for a disciplinary action of Axworthy by the University of Winnipeg: “The evidence on which this disciplinary complaint is based reveals that these perceptions have fallen victim to what my research calls “democratic respectability façade generation”.  It is a cleverly constructed image of Canada as a mature and healthy democracy behind which all manner of illegality, unconstitutional conduct, corruption, human rights violations and international law infringements are systemically perpetuated.  There has been multi-decade, multi-institutional participation. … There is merit to the argument that he is going to use his position at the University [of Winnipeg] and Liu Institute to advance interests that are contrary to Canadian principles, values and beliefs; not to mention both domestic and international law. … Mr. Axworthy is also Senior Associate at the Liu Institute for Global Issues – on the evidence a think tank with Chinese de facto governance and militarization agendas. “  Axworthy is responsible for making the ‘non-binding’ UN Migration Pact become ‘an obligation’ (Link) days after it was signed, resulting in the overwhelming and unjustified economic migration of millions of individuals to Canada who cannot possibly contribute meaningfully to the economy. Project Sidewinder findings of how crime bosses (link) were emigrating to Canada from Hong Kong are alarming (see at the 12:30 mark).Minister of Foreign Affairs: Francois-Philippe Champagne Calls China “Inclusive”.  He owes (link) China 1.2 million dollars! Now he claims that since he’s been exposed, he’s repaid the ‘loan’. See more here (link)Then we have legislation used to legalize treason and corruption: The Asia-Pacific Foundation Act was created by Pierre Trudeau’s Government in 1984 & put in place by Brian Mulroney Government in 1985 — It acts as a “Knowledge Broker” Further, legislation not only protects Chinese activity in Canada, but allows (link) them to stand an army of unspecified size on Canadian soil, to ‘protect’ its investments. Senior Advisor Desmarais Power Corporation is a board member to Asia-Pacific Foundation along with Jean Charest.Desmarais & Charest are part of the Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission as is the Asia-Pacific Group

But even after the CSIS security report titled Sidewinder was side-swiped by former Prime Minister Jean Chretien, intelligence proves that there is no doubt that an active Chinese Intelligence Service has been able to gain influence on vital sectors of the Canadian economy, including real estate, high technology, the food and farming industry (link) and security. With too few farms in China to feed a burgeoning population of 1.4 billion, Chinese immigrants with suspicious funding have been buying up (link) agricultural lands in Canada (particularly Ontario, and shipping produce to Asia.  

The bottom line is that this unprecedented influence gave China ongoing access to economic, political and now unlimited military intelligence and position in Canada.

Operation Sidewinder met with a fate that silenced ringing alarm bells and many political traitors were responsible for that fate.  The media were responsible for failing to warn the public, so when it was far easier to deal with the Chinese invasion when the alarm sounded, instead it was left to become a massive security threat to Canada and the USA in 2020.

In case you are not aware that not only Prime Ministers Chretien, Harper and Trudeau were complicit in ushering in Chinese Communist Party governance in Canada, please read about the deep links (link)  to the Communists these politicians had and still have.    At the 4:54 time mark of this video (link), listen to former PM Stephen Harper tell businessman that he traded Canadian sovereignty for ‘trade deals’ with China/Asia.  Here (link) is a further explanation of how trade deals with the Chinese cost Canada its sovereignty.  And here (link) is his second declaration about trading Canadian sovereignty away.

Is it any wonder why Ontario, that was the engine of Canada for at least a century as one of the most productive landmasses in the world, suddenly became a province with the highest debt load of any sub-sovereign nation in the world?

By clicking here (link) you can access the chronology of the militarization of the Canadian state by the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) at the behest of Canada’s federal, provincial and some municipal governments; leading to Beijing enjoying de facto governance status.  This evolution begins with former PM Pierre Trudeau’s foreign policy choices.  The evidence (gathered for a lawsuit) shows why, during the height of the Cold War, Canada’s eco-political elite (the super rich and politically affluent) – a community of individuals who are descendants and have benefited from two hundred years of institutionalized nepotism and patronage and with the Liberals in power for some 75% of the 20th century – entered a secret unconstitutional and international-law-violating alliance with a communist country. 

If you don’t think that our Prime Ministers and leaders do not act secretly, take a look at a report of PM Stephen Harper at a secret globalist meeting called Bilderberg, by clicking here (link).  

More Sidewinder Report findings of note:Vancouver is now considered the North American gateway for China’s state-owned COSCO shipping company (not to be confused with COSTCO).Both U.S. Senate and Canadian intelligence sources have described COSCO as “the merchant marine for China’s military”.According to U.S. Intelligence reports, COSCO vessels do not just transport Oriental bric-a-brac. COSCO vessels have been caught carrying assault rifles into California and biological-chemical weapons components into North Korea, Pakistan, Iraq and Iran. Add to these disturbing events that Canadian law enforcement agencies have kicked in with hard-line information that Chinese Triad criminal elements are active in and around Canada’s ports.Click here for an awesome 3 min video about COSCO that will hopefully help you realize that you are aiding and abetting in the decimation of your country when shopping at Chinese Communist Party-controlled holdings. 

Wondering why Walmart was able to stay open during the fraudulent 2020 pandemic while its small business competitors were harassed and forced to close?  Click here  for information about the Chinese-owned Walmart.  When you shop at Walmart, you are supporting the overtake of Canada by communists…plain and simple.  The same goes for COSTCO that imports much of its products and produce from China.

Trudeau’s crushing carbon tax is China’s best friend – read a bit more here about this effort to kill Canada with more tax.

 To learn a bit more about the Liberals, the Trudeau family and the Laurentian Mountain “elite” of Quebec that have worked tirelessly to usher in the New World Order and communism Chinese-style, click here  for a summary. PM Justin Trudeau fundraising with the Asia Pacific Corporation and the Canada-China Business Council is detailed here. Click here for a stunning article by Robin Matthews, published in the Canadian-based magazine ‘Dialogue’ (November 2018 issue) is literally shocking and dispels all notions that you ever had that the imposition of lock-down under the War Measures Act by Pierre Elliott Trudeau was justified.  That entire event showed the corrupt political elite just how far Canadians would let them go for a little ‘protection’ if the narrative were effectively controlled by the media.  It set the stage for the lockdown of 2020.The 150-year history of Bank of Montreal (BMO) partnership (link) with the Bank of China should be of great concern to Canadians and investors, given the Chinese Communist Party goal of dominating the world at a time when many other nations are clearing their countries of Chinese influence in their affairs. 

All three of the Trudeau “boys”– Justin, brother Alexandre, and father Pierre before them– are self-admitted pro-socialist, anti-democratic, communist-loving Canadians (link). In fact, Pierre Elliott Trudeau founded the movement in Quebec that rendered Quebec the hub of communism in Canada and did so under the guise of fighting ‘separation’.  If you can stand being sickened by the story of the traitorous Pierre Elliott Trudeau, click here (link).

Both Justin Trudeau and his father, Pierre Trudeau (link) have gushed (link) over the ability of the Chinese Communist government to control its people and ‘get things done’. 

And what of Alex Trudeau’s take on the communist nation of China?  He called Canada a “confused follower nation,” and said (link) his brother [Justin] could potentially fix that by building a “unique” relationship with China.

Let us not forget how Justin Trudeau told us (link) we were a nation with no core value or identity!

The UN/Vatican are masters (link) at using other political forces and nations to do their dirty work, simply by ensuring they plant the easily-controlled political leaders into positions of influence in domestic and foreign affairs.

For a heartbreaking summary of the demise of Canada, click here “Canada today is a shadow of its former self. The country that, after WWII, had the third largest navy in the world, that developed the most advanced jet interceptor on the planet – the Avro Arrow, and whose scientists and engineers helped put men on the moon, is now a Third World backwater country with no identifiable culture or democracy.”
Justin Trudeau told the New York Times that Canada is becoming a new kind of country, not defined by our history or European national origins, but by a “pan-cultural heritage”. To that end, he told (link) the world that 3rd world immigrants in fact are more Canadian than Anglophones and Francophones!“There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada,” Trudeau said (link), concluding that he sees Canada as “the first post-national state.”
The consensus from Canada’s elites has been to condemn the very idea of listing our values and traditions, let alone asking newcomers to respect and adhere to them.

At the time of this writing, the entire database showing the Chinese Communist Party Members installed all over the world in all sorts of high-level positions has been made public.  Chinese Communist Party database leak reveals infiltration into Western companies by the thousands.

An unprecedented leak reveals how alleged Chinese Communist Party members have embedded themselves inside some of the world’s biggest companies can be reviewed here and here

People-United have learned that the Chinese government is involved in the Canadian VISA application process (link) and China government -controlled TENCENT has even invested (hyperlink) in upgrading Tim Horton’s digital infrastructure. It is unclear if TENCENT has any involvement in the 4 data breaches experienced by Tim Horton’s mobile app to date.

COMMUNIST CHINA is USING CANADA AS A LAUNCHING PAD FOR AN ATTACK ON THE USA!!The Chinese Communist Party, with its endless list of human rights abuses, from organ harvesting to religious persecutions, has infiltrated Canadian governments at all levels and are posing a great danger to our allies, the Americans, which, at this writing, are moving all military forces into position in anticipation of a Chinses attack (hyperlink), both through civil war and cyber and nuclear attacks on the US landmass.
Recently, it was learned that the Canadian Military, on orders from the political establishment in Ottawa, has gone so far as to install (link) Chinese military devices near US Military bases. It seems clear that the Chinese Communist Party has fully taken-over control of our Canadian government and military.Watch a good video by S. Fernando on the Chinese troops training in Canada, here (link)To get a broad perspective on how the elite have used Canada as a Trojan-Horse platform to attack the USA, please watch the first 30 minutes of this excellent video (link) that specifically details how the attack was planned by the UN/Canadian government.WE SHOULD BE OUTRAGED AND REVOLTING AGAINST ALL THIS…why aren’t we?  Are we too dumbed-down or indoctrinated?

And if the above treason does not stir you, click here for a good video on the release of internal documents detailing the Chinese’s use of its Belt and Road initiative to colonize the world – to build a China-centric world economy. More info on the training of Chinese military on Canadian soil is also discussed in that video.

China has already installed a branch of its Belt and Road system in British Columbia (link), with massive warehouse facilities, all part of paving the Belt and Road to BC and as far north as Nunavut, where they have plans to buy up and add to their control of Canadian gold reserves (link) .  As reported in Chinese state media, a trade conference in December 2017 was told that, “The current new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics is a new era for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and a new era for overseas Chinese.”

Taxpayers are training the enemy!

First Stephen Harper, and then Justin Trudeau, passed legislation (link) allowing the Chinese Communist Party to stand an army of unlimited size in Canada, without the knowledge or consent of municipalities or the People – an army so large that it now threatens our own military forces and our allies.  

Reports of seeing Chinese soldiers doing military exercises (link) in BC and Ontario, and now all along the US/Canada border were dismissed by mainstream media repeatedly, but the true extent of the invasion of the Chinese Military was exposed recently in Freedom of Information responses from the Canadian Department of Defense to an independent investigative reporting team at Rebel News.  

RebelNews published a bombshell document: 34 pages of military secrets detailing how the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) have been training with communist China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA).See the whole story and the released documents called The China Files by clicking here The documents show that Trudeau conducted 18 different military projects with China in 2019, alone, without the knowledge or consent of the People of Canada.

But then the Canadian Air Force (CAF) wanted to cancel a winter warfare training session for the Chinese Communist Party scheduled for CFB Petawawa in Ontario, warning that it risked a “knowledge transfer” to the Chinese. This enraged Trudeau, who ordered the CAF not to cancel any more training sessions for the PLA without his permission.  If this is not high treason, nothing is!

In Question Period on December 10, 2020, Trudeau’s defence minister, Harjit Sajjan, tried to take credit for cancelling that session, bizarrely blaming it on Stephen Harper, while the China Files clearly show the Liberals did everything to keep the training of Chinese forces on track.

It should be noted that just as our Canadian winter was setting in and the USA were moving military equipment into and around the USA in anticipation of a Chinese military attack, our Prime Minister is, under the cover of ‘training’, giving the Chinese Communist Party a platform from which to attack our long-time friends and allies, the Americans!

It appears that the Prime Minister of Canada and his entire Liberal followers are assisting in a war against the USA…without the knowledge or consent of the People of Canada.

Also, on December 10th, 2020, the news media RebelNews learned of an even more shocking development: Trudeau’s spokesman admitted to Joe Warmington of the Toronto Sun that, in fact, the Chinese Communist Party’s People’s Liberation Army delegation visited Canada in February of 2018 for winter training. You can
click here (link) to read it in the Toronto Sun. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has gone so far as to approve the training of Chinese soldiers (link) by Canadian forces in cold weather warfare, such training to be used against Canadians and the USA.  Luckily that particular order from the PM’s office was refused by the Department of Defense command, but there are suspected to be many other orders not refused that involves co-operation with the Chinese Communist Party goals to control the entire Canadian landmass.

Click here (link) for a video interview of Chinese pilots saying they had been training in Alberta for 2 years.

Canadian Forces, on the orders of the Prime Minister were involved (link) in planning a massive and wide-ranging propaganda operation against Canadian Citizens to promote the Trudeau COVID narrative. There is even suspicion that they illegally and unconstitutionally collected data on Canadian Citizens.  Of course, mainstream media are hush, hush about anything anti-government.Click here (link) to learn of the exposed false flag campaigns against Canadians in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick that mainstream media refused to report on.It is not a coincidence that the military is being used to ‘distribute’ the extremely dangerous COVID vaccine, particularly after it was exposed in 2020 seeking to purchase 36,000 canisters of tear gas (link), isolation and detention centres (link), riot agents (link), and FEMA-like quarantine centres (link) – all apparently as part of the fraudulent and unjustified COVID response for a pathogen that has yet to be isolated anywhere in the world (see COVID FRAUD webpage for eye-opening details)

Recently, People-United learned that the federal government opened a training centre in Ottawa to test unmanned military vehicles (link).  Given the great control that the Chinese have over our Canadian military, we cannot but believe these unmanned vehicles are likely Chinese military vehicles. 


The UN Police Training Center is in… China!

The UN has been funding various ‘defund the police’ groups in Canada and the USA to facilitate their replacement by UN Police! (hyperlink)

Chinese Police Officers are BROUGHT TO CANADA COMPLIMENTS OF Nazi-collaborator George Soros’ Black Lives Matter and the UN/New World Order!  The propaganda is that domestic police forces just don’t work, so we need the UN/New World Order solution, being the UN Police Force. 

You need to know that YOUR tax dollars are funding the UN Police Force.


Obama's Gestapo is going global | The Strident Conservative

Government giving away Canadian strategic resources to China

The Harper and Trudeau governments (and no doubt all the prime ministers before them in succession), have turned over our strategic gold reserves to China, just at a time when the World is going back to the gold and silver standard to end the world’s dependence on worthless fiat currency created by the printing presses of brutally-corrupt central bankers.

The government of Canada has wound down its gold reserves to basically nothing after a multi-year strategy (hyperlink)  of selling them off in favour of hoarding other countries’ currencies instead.  According to the Department of Finance’s official international reserves data released March 19th, 2016, Canada’s gold reserves were down effectively to $0.”  More here (link)

The head of CSIS from 2009 to 2013, Richard Fadden told the Globe and Mail in 2019 that the federal government should keep Canada’s national security interests in mind when examining the purchases by the Chinese. See the report warning of the threat here. (link).  Finally, after a number of national security experts voiced their concerns in public about the potential purchase of the Nunavut gold mine by Chinese Communist-owned Shandong, and after urging the government to reject the purchase, the government has finally pulled back (link) their approval of the TMAC Resources Inc./Shandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd. plan to sell the Nunavut Hope Bay mine to Shandong Gold Mining Co. for $149 million.  “This thing has a port attached to it. [China has] written a paper saying they want to be a near-Arctic power. Well, this gives them actual Arctic access,” Fraser (of CSIS) told the Globe and Mail. 
“If you look at what they have done on the South China Sea to extend their area of influence – what’s to stop them, once they get squatter’s rights and get into this port, of doing the same thing up there?”CSIS later warned in their 2019 annual public report that “a number of state-owned enterprises and private firms” with close ties to foreign states were endangering Canada’s national security by purchasing vital Canadian projects.

The question is why the Canadian government has to be watched so carefully, as you would an unruly and deceptive child, when it comes to its dedication to the Chinese communists!  Simple…Canadian are expendable to corporations ‘doing business’ and what is ours has been stolen and sold off in pieces until the very fabric of our country is in tatters.

The 5G Kill Shot, courtesy of Huawei Telecommunications

As your read this content, recall the endless numbers of times that Trudeau and team have told us that everything they do is for ‘our safety’, ‘the public interest’ and for the ‘safety and security of Canadians’.

While other countries, not the least, the United States, have found Chinese Communist Party-controlled telecom giant Huawei to be a major security risk and have banned them from operating in their countries, Canada’s Communist-controlled federal government says that a Huawei ‘risk assessment’ (link)  is not their job — Trudeau’s RCMP say they have no mandate to check on the dangerous Chinese tech giant!

To learn of the deadly effects on all living beings of 4G and 5G, please visit our 5G KILL SHOT webpage.

The information we are sharing here came out in a recent order paper response to a question asked by Conservative MP Marc Dalton. Dalton’s question was prompted by a U.K. report citing the national security risk posed by Huawei’s 5G technology.

As it turns out, the Privy Council, Global Affairs, Ministry of Innovation, Treasury Board, Infrastructure Canada, and even the RCMP have all failed to assess (Link) the dangers of letting Huawei gain access to our telecommunications infrastructure, despite ethical scientists around the world screaming of the holocaust to be created by the roll-out of 5G.

On November 25th, 2020, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau voted against a Conservative motion to ban Huawei’s 5G network in Canada, instead of banning it just as other countries have.

All this was been well exposed by investigative reporter, Sheila Gunn-Reid here (hyperlink) Should the video have been censored, get the report here (link).

As we can see, nothing that Trudeau and almost all politicians have done for Canada is remotely in our best interests, and in fact are detrimental to our safety and security, both on an individual basis and as a nation.  There is an unmistakable agenda to protect Communist Chinese interests, at home and abroad and to genocide Canadians.

As you can learn from at our 5G KILL SHOT webpage, most of the 5G infrastructure was installed on schools, hospitals, senior’s homes and in other strategic locations, secretly, during the COVID lockdown.  If you are not wondering why installation had to be kept secret, you have not considered how deadly 5G is to humanity.

People-United have learned that Canada has taken absolutely no steps to assess this risk posed by communist-controlled Huawei telecommunications AND TO INTERVENE TO STOP ITS DEPLOYMENT AS OTHER COUNTRIES HAVE MOVED TO DO, so expect the 5G kill shot to be efficient and effective at mass murder (aka depopulation) of Canadians, starting with the elderly and disabled.  


Stephen Harper, a Prime Minister with very dirty hands, saw to it that the door to our economic devastation led through trade deals (link) with Asians/Chinese, ending our sovereignty and our domestic manufacturing and farming industry, particularly in Ontario, the province that was the economic engine of Canada, but is now the equivalent of a 3rd World banana republic. The latest unjustified COVID responses are nothing more than the final nail (link) in the coffins of small and medium-size businesses and the economic sovereignty of Ontario.

Click here (link) for the sad story of a wonderful small town, Smiths Falls, Ontario, destroyed by free trade deals.


Given the wholesale human rights abuses and the known goal of the Chinese Communist Party to rid the planet of those no longer of use to it, such as disabled and seniors, it is alarming that PM Justin Trudeau has actually allowed and defended the sale of retirement homes (link) to Chinese Communist Party-controlled companies. 

Credit (link):  CAP Brad Salzberg, “In 2017, the following was published by grass roots non-profit organization, Council of Canadians:“The Trudeau government has green-lighted the sale of one of British Columbia’s biggest retirement home chains to a Beijing-based insurance titan with a murky ownership structure in a deal that gives China a foothold in Canada’s health-care sector.” (link)Retirement Concepts owns and operates 24 retirement long term care facilities, largely in British Columbia and Alberta. Two years later, Covid 19 came to Canada. Health authorities subsequently confirmed the source of the pandemic virus is Wuhan, China. Since this time, the outbreak has resulted in a veritable modern-day plague. Canadian society has been turned “upside-down” by way of a lightning-fast spread of the virus throughout society. In no sector of our population has the plague permeated our citizenship more than within Canada’s elderly care home facilities (link).On May 19th, 2018, Justin Trudeau took part (link) in two ‘events’ asking for $1,525 a head donation. One event was a dinner party taking place at the home of Toronto businessman Benson Wong, chair of the Chinese Business Chamber of Canada.According to Council of Canadians,  “the only known investments that followed the May 19 fundraiser was a $1-million donation to the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation, as well as donation from philanthropist Zhang Bin  to ‘honour the memory and leadership’ of  Pierre Trudeau.” (link)The parent company of China’s Retirement Concepts is Anbang Insurance Group. In May, 2018, Wu Xiaohui, the former chairman of  insurance giant Anbang Group, was sentenced to 18 years behind bars for fraud and embezzlement worth more than US $12 billion (link).Moving to Canadian news, in May, 2018, lawyers launched a class-action lawsuit against Retirement Concepts and others based on alleged mistreatment, neglect and abuse of a resident at a Fraser Valley, B.C. care home. Sound like an ideal scenario for a green light by PM Trudeau for the sale of Canadian elderly homes to Chinese government-controlled corporations? Surprised that mainstream media in Canada has never put all this together to paint a cohesive portrait of this sketchy scenario? ”As with most “globalist”-oriented issues involving the decision-making of Justin Trudeau, it gets worse:“According to the Globe & Mail, “Over 80 per cent of Canada’s known COVID-19 deaths were in residents of nursing or retirement homes (link) as of May 25, 2020, nearly double the average for countries in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, says a new report from Canada’s health care statistics agency.”

As we discuss on the COVID FRAUD webpage, world control involves massive depopulation, where depopulation means mass murder and the first to be mass-murdered are seniors.  It was therefore a plan to isolate seniors in long-term care homes, away from prying eyes, and murder them with COVID ‘treatments’ that were entirely contra-indicated and by wholesale neglect and abuse.

The reason for pushing deadly vaccines manufactured by massively corrupt and evil pharmaceutical corporations owned by the globalist, instead of promoting natural approaches and cures that have been repeatedly proven to work well, is to satisfy Bill Gates, et al plan to reduce the world population to just 500 million (95% decrease) and to do it within 3-5 years.  Here (link) at 4:00 time mark he talks about using vaccines to depopulate the world and save the climate.

And here Sir John Bell, a member of the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts funded by globalists admits that the vaccine will sterilize 60-70% (link) of the world’s population.

China controls the WHO and healthcare policy world-wide

It should scare everyone that the United Nation’s department called the World’s Health Organization (WHO) is fully controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.  In fact, controlled to the point where the Chinese blocked (link) an investigation into the COVID mess.  Even the New York Times (link) newspaper asked just why WHO let the Chinese Communist government take over the COVID investigation.

It’s been clear from the pandemic’s start that China staged a shameful cover-up that cost lives across the world. Now, newly uncovered details exposed by the New York Times show that the World Health Organization didn’t just kowtow to the Communists — the UN agency actively helped Beijing whitewash its deadly deeds.

Depopulation by Vaccination: The Final Solution

Kevin Galalae is the world’s foremost independent authority on the depopulation/globalization axis around which the international system revolves since the inception of the United Nations in 1945.   He writes: (link) “After seven decades of population control by chemically and covertly subverting human reproduction with endocrine disruptors, half the world has reached the last stage of the demographic transition/depopulation program, characterized by inverted population pyramids, has by too many old and not enough young people to bear the old age burden and by a median age over 40years. In response to this unsustainable demographic situation, governments and the UN system have begun a program of rapid depopulation through mandatory immunizations and have unleashed a lab-engineered pneumococcal virus in China and are spreading it globally in order to have the pretext necessary to force vaccinate adults across the world with cancer causing vaccines designed to bring the global population down to sustainability, but purportedly administered to protect public health. By 2023 the vast majority of adults will have been infected with cancer and 80% of the global population will die of cancer over the coming decades, as planned by our own governments and the UN’s World Health Organization. It is hoped that through this engineered global genocide that will prematurely kill at least half the world’s population, human civilization will reach a stable and sustainable population structure.”

While Canadians die off prematurely, the vaccines will also have installed nanotechnology to usher in the digital identify guardianship enslavement program. .  Learn more about the UN’s role in the digital ID system to enslave here (link) and about the Digital ID conspiracy here (link).

In Canada, connected-at-the-navel-to-Chinese Dr. Theresa Tam has relentlessly called for more and more violations of human rights and civil liberties, but the government is covering up her role in the scandal-ridden, Chinese-controlled WHO, as we see from a December 15th, 2020 report (hyperlink) by investigative reporter, Sheila Gunn-Reid:

“Back in April, Rebel News received exclusive Access to Information documents that revealed that the Public Health Agency of Canada, led by Dr. Theresa Tam, knew that there was person-to-person spread of the coronavirus in China as early as January 15, 2020. 

And yet, instead of communicating this information to Canadians, Dr. Tam chose to parrot the official line of the Chinese-compromised World Health Organization, claiming that there was no clear evidence of person-to-person spread. 

So what other decisions has the World Health Organization infected with its failed China-centric mission? That’s what we wanted to know, so we asked the Public Health Agency to provide copies of all the documents outlining Dr. Tam’s role with the World Health Organization. 

But instead of getting back to us with those documents, Public Health asked for a 135-day extension to complete the request!”

As people are being forced into taking a COVID vaccine produced by Pfizer in their Chinese laboratory, the federal government is holding back records on Theresa Tam’s role at World Health Organization – the question is, why?

The Chinese Communist Party leader’s wife is a major influencer (link) of the WHO, the very UN organization that have misled and lied to the world about the Wuhan virus, and the need to take ‘extra ordinary’ measures, which as we know now was a cover for the final installation measures of communism and the New World Order/Global Reset plan.

In addition, as reported here, the Chinese Communist Party used an entire propaganda army to shape the COVID narrative.  Meanwhile, they are supplying Canada with not only the virus, and the narrative about the virus, but also the masks, the swabs and ‘advice’ through the WHO that they control. 

Experts around the world (no, not our psychopathic-public-health-officials-turned-dictators) are calling for WHO director Tedros’ prosecution for genocide and long list of crimes against humanity involving his previous ‘official’ roles.  His kow-towing to China is now indisputable and mainstream media in Australia are openly calling it as it is, treason…see here (link)


The Chinese Communist Party has infiltrated our schools and have been indoctrinating (PDF) students to accept the Chinese communist-style governance both through direct school infiltration and through their Confucius Institutes (link) that are a wholesale front for indoctrination of Canadians to communism. 

The Chinese Communists have also published a textbook to be taught to children, wherein they altered a Bible Passage to falsely say that Jesus stoned a woman to death, outraging Chinese Christians around the world. Click here for the report. 


Then we have the Chinese Communist Party controlling our elections in a multitude of almost mind-boggling ways.

The Chinese Communist Party holds 75% controlling interest (link) in Dominion Voting Systems, a corporation headquartered in Toronto, Ontario.  The many Chinese links to Dominion can be seen here. The parent company of Dominion Voting Systems received $400 million from Swiss Investment Bank, 75% owned by the Chinese Government.  Dominion Voting Systems is at the centre of the largest election fraud scheme in history, that has affected elections world-wide, including Canada.  A US Judge has just released a report (hyperlink)  which states:

“We conclude that the Dominion Voting System is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results,” Russell Ramsland Jr., co-founder of Allied Security Operations Group, said in a preliminary report (hyperlink).

“The system intentionally generates an enormously high number of ballot errors.”

For more details on the Dominion Voting Systems fraud and how Canadians are affected, see the ELECTIONS FRAUD page of this site.  

While the government lied to the public when it said that no such computer system was used in Canadian elections, we see the Prime Minister promoting Dominion Voting Systems in the picture to the right…and yes, that is George Soros’ son in the background.


The Canada Pension Plan (yes, your money) is being invested (link: PDF 197) in Chinese companies, which are all under the control of their central communist government, by CPP directors who ignore all Chinese Communist Party human rights abuses, who ignore the warnings of CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) that Chinese infiltration of Canada poses a massive security issue, and further, despite seeing the ravages befallen our domestic companies, such as Nortel (link).

Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) manages a huge pot of cash — $392 billion as of the end of March 2019 — with a mandate to invest on behalf of Canadians and keep the CPP sustainable over many generations.  Why is no one alarmed that it is continuing (link) to invest in China-controlled companies despite the endless risks now evident.

NOW, AFTER DAMAGING THE RELATIONSHIP WITH THE USA WHILE EATING OUT OF THE PALM OF THE CHINESE COMMUNISTS TO FILL THEIR PERSONAL COFFERS AT OUR EXPENSE, and just two days before Xmas 2020, lying politicians decided to tell us that they are very ‘concerned’ with China’s behavior and will work with allies about it.  For this sickening display of outright insult to the intelligence of the Canadian and American people, click here.

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